Why Oregon

Everyone is Welcome Here

Oregon welcomes everybody. It has a moderate climate, varied cultural, recreational and community activities, and a population who care deeply about preserving the beauty and resources of the Pacific Northwest.

The city of Eugene is home to friendly, outgoing people; an environment with something for everyone – from the rugged outdoors to quiet gardens to bustling city streets, markets and restaurants; and residents that appreciate healthy lifestyles, cultural diversity and the arts. First-rate services, excellent educational opportunities, top-notch health care and four fabulous seasons offering a year-round symphony for your senses.

Why the University of Oregon?

Duck life is very fun and easy – we have many beautiful on-campus dorms, plenty of dining options and there are many activities for you to explore, from arts and crafts to music, from sports to outdoor activities! Our staff will be like your family. At the same time, we organize long-term homestays with real, local, welcoming families that are trained and evaluated yearly by the University.

We are extremely conscious about sustainability and recycling, and campus safety is a top priority for us.

Coming to Oregon is about connections: to new friends, resources, and seriously good food. Our campus is designed to enhance your experience, with accessible faculty, locally-sourced and organic food, available tutors and advisors—even communal kitchens, music practice rooms, and a lot more. From creating public health campaigns to exploring Native American history and culture to sharpening your language skills, joining one or more Oregon Experience Programs is your chance to explore an interest, form close connections with staff and faculty members, and make lifelong friends.


Your time at the University of Oregon is also your chance to prepare for wherever your life might take you. Here, you’ll discover a community of students pursuing knowledge and applying new ideas to real-world issues.

So what are you waiting for?


Welcome to Eugene!

Oregon is has a population of about 4 million people and Eugene is one of the fastest growing cities with over 150,000 residents. Read more about this wonderful place.