General Information

Your choices
The University of Oregon offers three main ways for you to explore university life, participate in place-based learning experiences, practice your language or perfect your athletic skills depending on your age.

High School (14 years old – 18 years old)
There are two kinds of summer camps:

College Preparation Summer Program
Our University preparation program is ideal for second to fourth-year high school students. It provides stimulating summer learning and experiential opportunities that blend excitement, education, and enjoyment in cultural diversity. All in state-of-the-art facilities on the campus of the University of Oregon.
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Oregon Sports Camps
Our Sports Camps teach more than just the sport. In addition to improving and perfecting individual skills through the highest level of instruction and competition, we also help second to fourth-year high school students to develop a winning attitude, learn good work habits, understand the importance of academics, and more importantly, learn the benefits of always doing their best. The University of Oregon athletic department has a long-standing tradition of athletic excellence created through knowledge, hard work, and dedication.
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Late High School and University (16 years old and above)
We have three programs, one in spring and two in summer:

Short-term programs
Do you want to explore what it’s like to live and learn in a U.S. college? Do you want to be more confident with your communication skills, and learn about relevant topics that affect the modern world? Place-based learning takes you beyond the classroom to engage you in complex global issues as they relate to the local community. The curriculum requires you to use your growing English language skills and cultural knowledge to interact with people and places in our community. We take advantage of mobile technologies, like smart phones and tablets, to facilitate learning and enhance your exploration. This type of learning creates an engaging learning environment, increases motivation, increase your confidence in your critical, communication and English skills outside of the classroom, and engages you as a multilingual participant in everyday life.
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