Oregon Sports Camps

In the summer, our coaches and trainers offer short summer camp experiences focused on sports and athletic development for teenagers interested in basketball, baseball, football/soccer and volleyball. We believe in fun, active, positive camp experiences. These camps create a low pressure, high energy, positive environment where teenagers are encouraged to explore their creativity and sense of identity, developing teamwork, self-esteem, leadership, confidence and friendship.
All English levels are welcome. No student visa is necessary.

Applicants must be between their second and fourth year of high school.

Application Procedure
Come back on this website in January 2020 for information on the 2020 camps.

Cost: $ 1,200
Includes: Program fee; 4 nights in on-campus residence halls; 3 meals a day; airport pick-up and drop-off.

Upcoming Dates 
2020 dates will be announced in January 2020. This year’s dates were:
June 23, 2019 – June 29, 2019: Men’s Basketball
July 7, 2019 – July 11, 2019: Women’s Volleyball (Option 1)
July 13, 2019 – July 17, 2019: Women’s Volleyball (Option 2)
July 13, 2019 – July 17, 2019: Women’s Soccer
July 13, 2019 – July 17, 2019: Men’s Baseball

All participants will live in double rooms in a dormitory (residence hall) in the middle of the campus of the University of Oregon. These buildings are safe and active staff will be on duty at all hours to ensure the well-being of all the residents.
Click here for more information on accommodation and dining

Participants are responsible for covering the costs of any international travel and health insurance as well as of any medical treatment they may require.

No student visa required. Depending on your citizenship, you may need to apply for a B-2 tourist visa or participate in the Visa Waiver program by registering at the ESTA website.

Information contact: Mr. Paolo Daniele oepcontact@uoregon.edu