College Preparation Summer Program


Summertime in Eugene is a glorious time of year. From Oregon’s sun-streaked beaches to the cool Cascades, nature invites you outside. The weather ranges from hot and balmy to comfortably cool. Daylight stretches out, starting early with rosy hues in the east and concluding with vibrant after dinner sunsets over the ocean. Join the locals for festivals, live music, entertainment, crafts and food.

This summer, we combine the best of the university’s challenging language acquisition program with all the excitement of a green Oregon summer! Our camp program is ideal for students who want to be ready for university, while building and practicing professional and academic language skills while enjoying cultural immersion in Oregon’s fun, hands-on learning environment, and making new American and international friends.

All English levels are welcome. No student visa is necessary.

Applicants must be between their second and fourth year of high school.

Application Procedure
Please check back this Fall for the 2020 camp information.

Cost: $2,750
Includes: Program fee; 13 nights in on-campus residence halls; 3 meals a day; airport pick-up and drop-off; weekend trips and activities.

Upcoming Dates & Sample Schedule: summer 2020 dates to be announced
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All participants will live in double rooms in a dormitory (residence hall) in the middle of the campus of the University of Oregon. These buildings are safe and active staff will be on duty at all hours to ensure the well-being of all the residents.
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Participants are responsible for covering the costs of any international travel and health insurance as well as of any medical treatment they may require.

No student visa required. Depending on your citizenship, you may need to apply for a B-2 tourist visa or participate in the Visa Waiver program by registering at the ESTA website.

Information contact: Mr. Paolo Daniele